Central Support Team

Please see below the roles of the Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership Central Support Team.


Howard Woldsmith

SSP Business Manager (from 1st October 2019)

Tracy Murphy

SSP Professional Advisor (Children) - Performance and Quality Assurance

Sadie Cable

SSP Professional Advisor (Adults) - Performance and Quality Assurance

Sarah Barnes

Business Support Co-ordinator - SSP Children Board, SSP Executive Group and Case Review Panel, SSP Finance, SSP Housing Subgroup

Sarah Dunne

Business Support Co-ordinator - SSP Communications, SSP Exploitation and Online Safety Subgroup

Helen Heaps

Business Support Co-ordinator - SSP Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP), SSP (Children) Learning and Improvement Subgroup, SSP North and South Locality Forums

Amy Underwood

Business Support Co-ordinator - SSP Adults: Board, Board Governance, SARP Subgroup, Learning and Improvement Subgroup, Training and Development Subgroup, Policy and Practice Standards Subgroup 

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