Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

What is MASH?

The Suffolk MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub) has been developed from lessons highlighted by reviews of serious safeguarding incidents across the country. A recurrent theme of these reviews is the importance of having effective information sharing and close working arrangements between relevant agencies. With the need to ensure referrals and referrers get the right response first time.

The MASH receives and processes all safeguarding referrals in respect of children and adults at risk of harm and abuse. Customer First is, and will continue to be, the first point of contact for all referrers to report safeguarding concerns for both children and adults. All non-safeguarding referrals for Adults will be directed to the cluster teams.

The MASH is staffed by a range of professionals from Health, Police, Education, Social Care, Probation, Youth Offending, Mental Health services and Housing, with the majority of staff being based in Landmark House, Ipswich. The MASH also has a strong partnership working with wider partners including schools, the Ambulance Service and voluntary and community organisations.




A Strategic Board is responsible for developing and approving all the relevant processes and procedures needed for the MASH to run effectively. Each member of the group has been able to bring the views and requirements of their organisation to the table to make sure that what is developed supports the work of everyone and achieves better outcomes for the people of Suffolk.

The organisations involved are:


MASH Service Structure


What is the MASH Professional Consultation Line?

However experienced you are, there may be times where you are not sure what action you should take, or you just need support and guidance to ensure you make the most informed decision.

The MASH Professional Consultation Line is for you to discuss the most appropriate and effective way of providing or obtaining help and support for a child or adult you feel is at risk of abuse.

Where the child may need help and protection you will be given advice and guidance about making a referral, including how to involve parents.

Where a child and family already have an allocated Social Worker, you will need to contact the named Social Worker to discuss any concerns.

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Consultation Line Leaflet

Consultation Line Poster


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