boy on pcThe ongoing development of technology, and in particular the internet, provides endless opportunities for adults, children and young people but at the same it also brings risks such as cyberbullying, identity theft and scams, exposure to pornography and other inappropriate sites, online grooming and exploitation.

e-Safer Suffolk aims to raise the awareness of e-safety issues with children, young people, families, vulnerable adults and those who work with them, to enable everyone to enjoy the internet safely.

Suffolk also has an Online e-Safety strategy and produces an annual cybersurvey for children and young people.

Further information about e-Safer Suffolk, the cybersurvey, online safety tools, resources, tips and advice, can be found on the e-Safer Suffolk page.


e-Safety Lead training

The e-safety leads training programme is delivered by the safeguarding service within Schools' Choice. The aim of this training is to enable people who take on this work to feel confident when dealing with online safety situations.

For details of the training visit the Schools’ Choice website or email slqateam@schooldchoice.org


e-Safety Tool

If you need to protect children online, Online Compass is a free simple tool that shows you what you need to do to make the use of technology safer for your group. It can help you to review and improve your group's online safety using expert advice.

For more information visit their website: Online Compass


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